daydream sketches deluxe, we live in the future, and schnauz records!

Okay, I’ve got a few things I’m excited to announce! The deluxe edition of Daydream Sketches, Vol. 1 is now available exclusively on Bandcamp! The deluxe edition includes individual track artwork and poetry by photographer Juan Guerrero, the highest available audio quality for each track, and liner notes.

I’ve also made a lot of progress on the upcoming studio album, we live in the future. It’s a bit of a departure from my previous releases, but I’ll try to prepare your ears with a few singles to tingle your cochlea. Expect the first one, Snakecharmer, around mid May!

Lastly, and I’m most excited about this, within the next month I will be launching Schnauz Records after signing neoclassical artist Broadacre! Stay tuned for much more music!



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