snakecharmer. new single release today. available everywhere now. artwork by sappy. #weliveinthefuture #newrelease #clarinet

snakecharmer. new single release today. available everywhere now. artwork by sappy.
snakecharmer. new single release today. available everywhere now. artwork by sappy.

daydream sketches deluxe, we live in the future, and schnauz records!

Okay, I’ve got a few things I’m excited to announce! The deluxe edition of Daydream Sketches, Vol. 1 is now available exclusively on Bandcamp! The deluxe edition includes individual track artwork and poetry by photographer Juan Guerrero, the highest available audio quality for each track, and liner notes.

I’ve also made a lot of progress on the upcoming studio album, we live in the future. It’s a bit of a departure from my previous releases, but I’ll try to prepare your ears with a few singles to tingle your cochlea. Expect the first one, Snakecharmer, around mid May!

Lastly, and I’m most excited about this, within the next month I will be launching Schnauz Records after signing neoclassical artist Broadacre! Stay tuned for much more music!



daydream sketches, vol. 1 released!


I’m always so bad at building anticipation! Well, with little notice and absolutely no ado, I present the first in a series of instrumental pieces I’ve been working on for some time now, Daydream Sketches, Vol. 1. The idea behind the Daydream Sketches series is to capture the emotional feel of a particular moment in spacetime. I hope that each piece sets a mood and conjures vivid images of a scene. I’m very excited for this series and a number of future releases are in the works.

You may recall my post earlier this year about my renewed interest in the clarinet. As promised, clarinet plays a subtle but important role in the arrangemnet of track 2, Blustery Day.  Expect to hear more clarinet in future Daydream Sketches releases, as well as a variety of other wind instruments with which I have been working.

The album cover photo was taken by my good frequent and frequent collaborator Juan Guerrero. More of his work will be featured in the deluxe edition which will be made available shortly on Bandcamp at a slightly discounted rate. The deluxe version will feature full pdf liner notes, individual track artwork(also courtesy of Juan), and accompanying vignettes! Very exciting stuff so be sure to stay tuned!


This release is currently available for purchase and streaming on:

Google Play

happy netlabel day!

Happy Netlabel Day one and all! As I mentioned in an previous post, this year I will be contributing a track to a Captive Portal remix album, In the Air (The Remixes). I’m very excited to be a part of this release along such names as Fire to the Stars, who I remixed for last years Netlabel Day, John Alden Davis, with whom I briefly attended Greenville University, Captive Portal himself, and so many other talented artists/producers! So, without further ado, here it is: available for free download on the Mahorka website!