rainy monday afternoon update

Hey all,

A couple updates on things and a new song for this rainy Monday. My upcoming full length release, featuring the previously released Hold My Breath and On My Way for those who remember them, is still in production. It is in the process of being mixed and a release is tentatively slated for late this summer! I’ll keep you posted on Josh Buche shows, as well as Sunsailor shows and _amethyst shows. Hopefully, there will be a few of each over the next few months. The song “Breathe Fire” off my recent release, Lockbox EP, has been approved for use in Movies and TV shows so keep an ear out for it! If you haven’t heard it yet, it is available for purchase from most major digital music retailers or for free streaming on Bandcamp. Finally, I just uploaded a solo guitar nocturne that I’ve been working on for the past couple months. I think it fits the mood of this cloudy day and hopefully it puts your mind at ease. As always, I’d love to hear your thoughts. Hope you enjoy it! Josh

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